Got a Leak? Bell Housing Repairs Done Right

Driving vehicles off-road often results in a cracked bell housing. These aluminum or iron units easily crack after hitting against a rock or other solid material. Both large and small cracks pose a serious problem for the vehicle. All of the transmission fluid will eventually seep or leak out of the crack within several days to a week. Once the fluid leaks out, the vehicle will fail to shift into gear or move on its own accord.

Drivers must bring their vehicle down to a transmission repair Frisco TX shop to have the unit checked for cracks. Sometimes, the hairline cracks are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, transmission repair Frisco TX experts carefully examine the outside of the transmission for telltale signs of a leak.

Vehicle owners should share how and where the incident happened to help their technicians spot the damage. In addition, it is wise to tell technicians if fluid spots appeared on the driveway overnight. If transmission fluid levels changed from their regular position, sharing that information could also help pinpoint the problem

Once the bell housing damage is confirmed, technicians begin planning out the repair process. Technicians will source a new bell housing from a local parts distributor to fix the problem right away. If the bell housing cannot be sourced, technicians may possibly weld the crack closed.

The type of repair needed to fix the damage will greatly influence the amount of time the process takes. Vehicle owners may need to leave their car at the shop for a week or more to have severe damage fixed. Vehicle owners should never attempt to repair their own bell housing using temporary products, like JB Weld. The best course of action is to have the transmission repair Frisco TX performed by a qualified technician.