What Drivers Should Understand about State Inspections in Plano, TX


Every car in Texas is required to have a valid inspection sticker. The car must be inspected every year in order to renew the sticker. This is a necessary part of owning a car. Every new driver should know a few things about state inspections in Plano.

Preparing For the Inspection

When preparing for a state inspection Plano TX drivers need to bring along three important things. The first is a valid driver’s license or photo identification card. The second is proof of current and valid liability insurance. The third is some method of payment like cash or credit cards. It will also help to look over the car and take care of small problems like burned out headlights or obscured license plates. Fixing small problems can prevent the car from failing the inspection.

The Inspection Process

The actual inspection process does not take a long time. After arriving for a state inspection Plano TX drivers will be asked to step out of the vehicle. An inspector will then start checking different things. The car will be driven by the inspector in order to test the brakes. The inspector will look at many areas from the exhaust and the lights to the wheel wells and the seat belts. The entire inspection can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes total.

Penalties for Missing an Inspection

It is important to get a new inspection sticker on time. By getting a state inspection Plano TX residents can avoid fines. Driving without an inspection sticker or driving with an expired sticker is technically a misdemeanor in the state. The misdemeanor also has a monetary fine that is over a hundred dollars. Although some officers might allow a grace period for drivers, it is still best to get a state inspection on time every year.