Return to the Road: Exploring the State Inspection Process

An insurance adjuster evaluates all vehicles damaged in accidents to determine the total cost of the necessary repairs. If the repair cost far exceeds the value of the vehicle, the owner receives a payoff, and the vehicle is marked totaled. The totaled designation is marked on the title of the vehicle for the duration of its existence.

However, that doesn’t mean drivers cannot pilot that vehicle once again on public roads. Drivers must have repairs performed to make their vehicle roadworthy once again. Qualified auto technicians should perform all repairs, so the vehicle will pass the state inspection Frisco TX. Before drivers can return to driving their vehicle, it must be taken up to the state inspection station and pass the various checks.

State inspection Frisco TX evaluators go through their checklist to verify that the repairs returned that vehicle to good condition. Vehicles in poor condition pose risk to their driver and other people on public roads. As a result, it is necessary to verify that the vehicle will drive straight, corner well, brake properly and stay in one piece while moving down the road.

Drivers simply wait in line at the state inspection Frisco TX office for a chance to speak to the inspection officials. State patrol officers with a background in mechanics operate most inspection stations. Drivers should provide their license and insurance information before the inspection begins. After verifying everything on the vehicle looks sound, drivers receive a pass or fail designation from the inspection officers.

If the vehicle fails, it must go back to the auto shop for further repairs. If it passes the inspection, drivers can go renew their vehicle registration at a local licensing office. All vehicles that go through the inspection process must have their insurance plan reactivated to protect from future loss.