Oil Change

Oil Change

Oil Change, Including a Synthetic Oil Change Option in Plano, TX

Are you aware that there is more than one type of oil change you can opt for? When it comes to car oil changes, we offer three different types of oil change, ensuring that no matter what your preferences might be, we’ve got the right solution. A different oil can make a big difference to the amount of time between oil changes – standard oil changes are usually every three months, but a multi-viscosity oil can extend the time between changes to five months and our Valvoline oil could mean it’s possible to leave it up to 7,500 miles before a change is required. We also offer a green, environmentally responsible oil change choice – ask our ASE certified technicians which choice is going to work best for your vehicle.

The Best Place for an Oil Change in Plano, TX

When you turn to us for an auto engine oil change, you end up with far more than fresh oil! Not only do we offer exceptional value (our Plano City Garage offers a $89 full synthetic oil change and a $39 conventional oil change, plus Plano City Garage offers a $5 off any oil change); we also complete a full inspection of your vehicle, covering thirty different checks and tests. In addition to allowing up to five quarts of oil per engine oil change, we will also:

Test tire pressures

Replace the oil filter

Maintenance of greased fittings

Under-the-hood check

Chassis check

Oil Change Specials Near Me in Plano, TX

Not only do we offer an excellent selection of special offers and discounted deals; we also provide a responsive, pro-active service that’s intended to keep your car on the road as long as possible. From suggestions regarding the right choice for your transmission oil change or engine oil change (we usually suggest synthetic oil as there is less build-up and it works better in a warmer climate), through to free checks, tests and inspections, we do everything we can to keep your car on the road for longer. Whether you buy engine oil from us, schedule a service or need a repair, we’ll be working with you to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition.

Plano, TX, Oil Change Near Me and Much More

We don’t just offer exceptional workmanship and competitive prices, we also do our best to make our customers feel welcome and give them a standard of care that stands out for all the right reasons. From convenient online booking, through to complementary Wi-Fi and a FREE vehicle drop-off at your home or workplace once we’ve completed our work on it, we’re the Plano, TX, garage that gives you more. To schedule or find out more, call us at (972) 618-4153. Don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your future oil changes or other maintenance and repairs.