Oil Change Frisco TX: Benefits to Getting Your Oil Changed

Today’s car technology is advancing at a faster rate than any other point in automotive history. Although there have been a number of sophisticated engines to debut over the last few years, an oil change still remains the most important aspect of car maintenance. Here are some of the key benefits of having your motor oil changed on a regular basis.

Decreased engine wear
The condition of an engine is heavily dependent upon the frequency in which the motor oil is changed. Motor oil is formulated with a variety of different additives that help to protect the internal parts of the engine. However, the harsh environment of the engine causes these critical additives to wear down over time. The only option is to replace the old motor oil with a fresh batch of oil.

Better gas mileage
An oil filter is only able to capture a certain amount of dirt and debris. After the oil filter reaches its capacity, the motor oil will gradually begin to become contaminated. This means that the engine will not be able to operate as efficiently.

Fewer emissions
Oil Change Frisco TX stations urge motorists to have their motor oil changed at the recommended interval. Due to the increased emissions caused by dirty motor oil, your vehicle may not pass the state inspection.

Better performance
Old motor oil lacks the necessary lubrication properties. The slick nature of fresh oil motor enables the engine to spin without any restrictions. Oil Change Frisco TX stations report that the performance of an engine can be improved by 10 percent by draining the old oil.

More resistant to leaks
Motor oil helps to keep the engine seals soft and pliable. However, Oil Change Frisco TX stations reveal that the seals can become hardened if the oil is not changed regularly.