When it comes to new tires, cost is always an issue. If you want to find discount tires which are also high-quality and made by reputable manufacturers, we have just what you’re looking for. We’re a tire shop near my location in Plano, TX, that doesn’t just have tires available for a wide range of makes and models (including imports and vintage cars); we also provide fitting services, balancing, alignment adjustment and much more. If you want tire service specialists that give you more, we’re here for you. Why not drop by for a FREE annual alignment and rotation check?

Tire Service Specialists in Plano, TX

Our aim is to work alongside our customers to try and keep their cars in great condition for as long as possible – many of our regulars have trucks and cars which have done more than 150,000 miles – with the right maintenance and servicing, it’s possible to not only enhance the lifespan of your car, but also to frequently reduce the number of repairs and replacements you need. When it comes to tires, for example, we suggest the following measures to increase longevity:

  • Check tires for detritus trapped between the treads, uneven wear and scrapes, rips or other signs of wear.
  • Test the pressure of the tires and alter if necessary.
  • Drive gently in order to reduce tire wear.
  • Check the wear bars for signs of deterioration – usually, if the wear bars have been compromised, this usually means that the tread has worn down below the Texas legal minimum (2/32”) and prompt replacement is essential.

Discount Tire Store Near Me in Plano, TX, Offering a Handy Alternative to a Tire Gauge

If you don’t have a tread gauge, use a penny or quarter instead! If you position a penny against the tread, if any part of Lincoln’s head is covered, you’re not at the minimum tread limit yet. When you place a quarter into several tread grooves across the tire and Washington’s head is covered by the tread you have more than 4/32” of tread depth remaining. If you use the penny again, and looking at the Lincoln Memorial, if the memorial is covered by the tread you have more than 6/32” of tread depth remaining. Remember that if you drive in wet weather, you should have at least 4/32” of tread remaining, to provide sufficient clearance for water to escape from between the tire surface and the road surface.

Discount Tires and Branded Tires Near Me in Plano, TX

When you’re online searching for ‘tires near my location’, Plano City Garage has got it covered! What’s more, we also offer excellent customer care, providing everything from a handy online system for scheduling your appointment, through to generous money-off coupons, complementary Wi-Fi at our premises and a FREE vehicle drop off to your chosen, local location once we’ve finished work on it. To find out more or make an appointment, call us at (972) 618-4153 or use the online booking system. Be sure to sign up to become a City Garage Preferred Customer and save on your vehicle’s next maintenance, service or repair.