Emissions testing is required every year in the State of Texas.

It is called Air Check Texas, and the requirements for it differ based on the county you live in. All City Garage Auto repair locations are fully equipped with the certified and capable professionals that the ASE certification produce.

If you happen to fail the emissions test originally, you can take the emissions repair test after making the required modifications to your vehicle. If you happen to fail that as well, you can file for a waiver that can exempt your vehicle from emissions testing. If you can reasonably prove that your vehicle use is minimal, your emissions are low, or the cost of meeting the standard is too high for you, you can get a waiver.

Our City Garage mechanics are highly trained and certified through ASE certification and testing to allow your car to pass the test. You can schedule an appointment either online or by phone at your own convenience. All of our City Garage locations including Plano offer free Wi-Fi to make your wait time more enjoyable and/or productive. Give City Garage Plano a call today! If you wish, you can have one of our mechanics drop your vehicle off at your home or office once the repair is finished. We can accommodate your needs, and we can do so with professionalism and expertise. Give us a call today!