Car Tune Up

Car Tune Up

Automobile Tune-Up and Auto Maintenance in Plano, TX

Making sure that your engine stays in peak condition not only enhances performance, it can also reduce the risk of an unwanted breakdown and make your vehicle more fuel efficient. One of the best forms of engine maintenance is an annual tune-up. This provides the perfect opportunity to care for the parts of your car which are most likely to wear out, as well as replace any filters or similar components that have a short life span. We offer a full selection of tune-up choices, helping your car stay on the road for longer.

Auto Tune-Up Near Me in Plano, TX

In addition to our routine tune-ups, we can also offer a check at short notice if your car is showing signs of problems. If you notice stationary stalling, reduced performance, knocking, power loss or a dash instrument light that won’t go out, bring your vehicle in as soon as you can: all these symptoms may be signs of a serious problem developing, so don’t delay in getting your car or truck checked out.


When you turn to us for your auto tune-up, our ASE qualified mechanics will undertake the following checks, tests, replacements and maintenance tasks:

Fresh Bosch plugs

Annual limited warranty

Visual inspection of your engine

Chassis check

Timing and idle adjustment

Fuel system clean-up to reduce grime on the fuel injectors

Fresh air filters

Fresh fuel filters (six-month warranty)

Auto Maintenance Shop Near Me in Plano, TX

In addition to regularly updated special offers (you can currently save $10 on the cost of a tune-up when you book with us), we also provide a number of customer benefits:

Join our priority club for more discounts and news

Free Wi-Fi

We will bring your vehicle to your home or workplace when we’ve finished, for free

Free advice and information on keeping your vehicle in great shape

Fast, efficient, online system for your appointment bookings

To find out more or to schedule your truck or car for a tune-up, call us at (972) 618-4153.