Most people don’t open up their hood very often, and certainly most of them aren’t going to take apart their dash for anything soon. The truth of the matter is this: When it comes to vehicle repairs and maintenance, few people take it very seriously besides the mechanics on the block.

City Garage Plano understands that you don’t want to be dealing with things like Starter repair or other maintenance problems that will arise. That’s all right, because City Garage wants to do it for you! Here are some of the ways you may tell that you might need a new starter.

If you attempt to start your vehicle and you hear a clicking sound instead of ignition, your battery is probably at fault. If you attempt to start your car and you get a whirring sound upon startup, your alternator probably needs a replacement. If both your battery and alternator are relatively new and in working order, your car starter may be what needs to be replaced.

Plano City Garage can take your problems and rid you of them completely. We can find a solution to your car starter problems. Stop by your Plano City Garage auto repair location and let one of our City Garage Plano ASE Certified Technicians figure out a solution to your problem. You can make an appointment today either by phone or online. Give us a call today!