If you want honest service at affordable prices for brake repair in Plano TX, City Garage is your auto specialist. Established in 1993 as the first of 14 locations throughout the state of Texas, we have built our business on a reputation of hard work and dependability. Let us take care of your brake issues with maintenance or repairs today!

Prevention is key for avoiding costly auto repairs. Start with early detection of issues with your brakes, such as by visiting City Garage for brake repair in Plano TX as soon as you hear grinding noises. Types of brake maintenance include brake pad replacement and rotor replacement. If your brakes are beyond the point of a standard replacement, it is likely time for brake repair, which is much more labor intensive. Save yourself from the costs of brake repairs, which can include a full replacement of brake lines and an overhaul of your braking system, by having your car’s brakes checked by City Garage on a regular basis.

Brakes are an essential element of an automobile. This part of a car can mean the difference between a safe drive and a life threatening accident. Save yourself and your loved ones from the danger of bad brakes. Whether you are dealing with faulty or nosy brakes, or you simply need to maintain your braking system, we offer comprehensive service for brake repair in Plano TX. Additionally City Garage is open seven days a week for your convenience.