Oftentimes, the signs of alternator failure or replacement are hard to see when you’re diagnosing the problem from a different angle. Many people mistake alternator problems with battery problems, and mix up the two. City Garage would like to educate you on the important of each and what job they perform.

The alternator disperses the power given to it by the battery into the different components of the car. The alternator takes the power it receives from the battery to power things like your headlights, radio, power locks and windows, and other things in the same category. Your battery provides the initial spark. It pushes the alternator to turn everything else on. That is the relationship between the alternator and the battery.

Although it’s dangerous to drive with a bad alternator, people do it quite often. Drop by your local Plano City Garage for a repair, and let one of our ASE Certified Mechanics take a look for any problems you may need repaired before your car stops running.

Your local Plano City Garage mechanics are able to provide a car alternator test. Stop by your Plano City Garage auto repair location and let a Plano ASE Certified Technician start your car again by doing a charging system repair. You can easily make an appointment online by phone, all at your own convenience! All locations offer Free Wi-Fi and additionally you can drop your car off and one of our City Garage Plano mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete.