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Independence at Spring Creek
6301 Independence Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75023

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Why us?

Auto Repair Plano & Oil Changes and Brake Repair Plano Texas

City Garage opened its doors at our very first location in Plano in 1993.  Since then, we have grown to serve 14 locations throughout the Metroplex, but we still remember where we got our start.  We still offer a full range of services at our auto repair Plano TX location.  Looking for an oil change Plano TX at an affordable price?  How about brake repair Plano TX?  Or transmission repair Plano TX?  We’ve got you covered on all of these and much more.

Our goal is to make sure that every customer through our doors gets unparalleled service and leaves with a smile on their face.  Whether you’re in for a routine oil change Plano TX or something more complex like transmission repair Plano TX, we have the know how to get it done and get it done right.

Another thing you can count on from City Garage is ethics beyond reproach.  Our ASE certified mechanics are here to get your auto repair Plano TX work done right, not to sell you extra services or pressure you into more repairs than you need.  You’re the boss and you tell us what you want done and what you don’t.

Whatever your needs are, from brake repair Plano TX to a complete engine overhaul, you can trust your car or truck to us at City Garage.  Give us a chance to earn your auto repair Plano TX business, you won’t regret it!

Plano Testimonials

Todd Chambless
Aug 24, 2016

Great and fast service. Installed a battery under warranty from another store (had it delivered for me!). I would highly recommend City Garage/Plano.

Brett Rainey
Aug 14, 2016

Brought my Pilot to the dealership for an airbag warranty replacement. They also "found" $1k worth of critical repairs that I should do because of the massive safety issues with each. Took their written estimate to City Garage. They said that 1 of the 4 was actually worth doing (transmission fluid) but the rest were not needed. Love dealing with this location, they are always friendly and are dedicated to helping you vs trying to chisel as much cash out of you as possible.

William M
Aug 14, 2016

Have been coming here for 2 years now. Friendly staff and fast, efficient, service. Would definitely recommend!

Richard Goodhart
Aug 13, 2016

I appreciated the fast and on-time service for an oil change. But you overlooked the AAA discount.

Vicky Taylor
Aug 12, 2016

Excellent service! Very fast and friendly.

Heather Acker
Aug 12, 2016

Lori Powell Gropper
Aug 11, 2016

I took my Son's car here after going to another garage. City Garage said the work was not necessary and saved me $1500. That's great service! Lori G

stephen wasserman
Aug 09, 2016

Graham is GREAT!

Mary Stringer
Aug 07, 2016

Really felt like I was in safe hands here-thanks!!

Pamela Polk
Aug 05, 2016


Martha Brock
Aug 05, 2016

As always, Graham and the staff at City Garage are courteous and do a great job. I've tried several other places in Plano and found City Garage last year. I'll keep going back!

Ron Schoof
Aug 03, 2016

Graham and his team have been taking care of our vehicles now for several years - maybe more than ten. Never an issue, always quick to respond and move us out fast if we have time issues. Everything is returned clean as when we dropped off. Highly recommend all their locations as sometimes I'm stuck away from Plano and immediately find the nearest City Garage.

Kim E.
Aug 03, 2016

Office Staff are very friendly, quick response, knowledgeable. We have used City Garage at Independence and Spring Creek for thirteen years, for three vehicles. The mechanics are efficient and knowledgeable. I never feels we are being persuaded to do anything we don't want or can't afford. We are moving and won't be able to continue using these folks which is sad and worrisome. How will we find another garage as honest and terrific as this one?

John Parker
Jul 31, 2016

Irina Kim
Jul 29, 2016

thanks. good job!

David Wilson
Jul 29, 2016

Friendly and quick work

Angelica Arroyos
Jul 23, 2016

Henry Locke
Jul 22, 2016

Would highly recommend Matt who worked on my car did a great job

Somesh Toleti
Jul 22, 2016

They do good job. Their recommondations are most of time accurate. You can trust, but expensive than other shops.

Kendra Pike
Jul 21, 2016

Camille Wilson
Jul 21, 2016

Great experience! Courteous and friendly staff. The services were explained and options provided. The work was done in a reasonable timeframe. I appreciated the warranty on their service as well. I will be back for other services.

Caleb Chambers
Jul 20, 2016

Brought my own filter and oil and got it installed for 20 dollars in less than 30 minutes. I had just detailed my car and didn't notice any fingerprints on it which surprised me. Also enjoyed the free Wi-Fi while I was waiting. Both staff members up front were also very friendly. Would highly recommend.

Megan S.
Jul 15, 2016

We go out of our way to have all of our cars serviced here. Honest and quality work!

Manasi Vernekar
Jul 15, 2016

Jul 14, 2016

I appreciated the explanation of services needed and the polite service.

Cameron Nault
Jul 09, 2016

They did a great job and really quickly. It was around $62 after tax, but they also did a little work on the undercarriage

Ashton C.
Jul 09, 2016

I'm visiting Dallas from Chicago. I took a road trip with my husband, my Mom, 16 year old, 3 year old, and 10 month old. We experienced some car trouble during our trip. My husband was able to fix some of it. Our air conditioner went out on a 100 degree day. He thought he could fix that too. We went to Auto Zone in Plano to buy the stuff he thought he needed to repair, but after explaining the issue the Auto Zone tech suggested a repair shop. He didn't think it was a simple fix. We were going to go to a place close by but the Auto Zone employee said "No...Go to City Garage. I wouldn't trust the place down the street with putting air in my tire". That's how we came here. The service here was AMAZING. We arrived in the late afternoon. My husband explained our air situation to the lady at the counter. I think her name was Danisha. She said she would have our car looked at right away. She thought it was dangerous for anyone especially a family with an elderly person and small kids riding around in Texas with no air on such a hot day. We walked to McDonalds while it was being checked. Turns out Auto Zone guy was right. It was a bigger issue that was going to take hours to repair. City Garage had a car take myself and kids back to the hotel. They could see they were getting restless. They helped us get our car seats out of our suv to place into theirs. Our hotel was in Garland so we had to drive about 25 min. Our driver went above and beyond. My husband stayed at the shop so when we got to our hotel our City Garage driver helped us unload our car seats and stuff. He even walked into the hotel to ask for someone to help us take our stuff upstairs. He also recommended a restaurant close by for us to have dinner. I wanted to tip him, but I didn't have cash. I texted my husband to do so when he got back to the shop. My husband thanked him again, but he kept refusing our tip. Such a genuine and stand up guy. We are beyond satisfied with our repairs and the service here. If I'm ever in the area I would definitely bring my car here again.

Jul 08, 2016

very friendly. They fixed my car at a reasonable price. Great job!

joy Campbell
Jul 07, 2016

City Garage is AWESOME, they are honest ,Dependable, this is the place to take your car for repair.

Shirley Duderstadt
Jul 07, 2016

Jacob Grubbs
Jul 07, 2016

Graham and the crew were well versed and very professional with my oil change. Arnold did a very good job with his inspection and recommendations of repairs that would be upcoming. Denisha gave me a very thorough estimate of said upcoming repairs. Great job.

Dean Ingle
Jul 02, 2016

Jose Alves
Jul 01, 2016

The employees are honest, competent, and polite. Appointments are kept and the quality of work is first rate. C.G. Is the ONLY place when I need a repair or service.

Rose Ma
Jun 28, 2016

City Garage was friendly and fast service. Quality work and there are coupons on the website. Will use them again.

Jun 22, 2016

My car was towed to your location by AAA. I was not forced to go there and I was a little bit skeptical because I have always have my car serviced by the dealership. I had a radiator problem and I knew immediately that I had to have it replaced. They did a good job and my SUV was out and running. Thanks to the entire team at City Garage in Plano on independence and Spring creek.

Gene P.
Jun 21, 2016

I have brought my cars to City Garage in Plano for many years. When it comes to car repair, my number one criteria is honesty. And these guys are honest. I have been told more than once that 'you don't really need that' when it comes to suggested repairs or maintenance. They could have easily done extra repairs/maintenance and charged me for it and I would be none the wiser. But when they tell me that I DON'T need something, I feel that I can trust them for the things that I DO need.

Kimberly Griffith
Jun 21, 2016

Everyone has the best attitude, courteous and knowledgeable. I feel they are fair on their pricing as well.

James Hartman
Jun 19, 2016


nelson Hoke
Jun 18, 2016

Good service and friendly people. More technical on service. Puts them above other places that work on cars and trucks.

Laurie Anne
Jun 18, 2016

Love, love, love the staff, mechanics, and everyone else. Honest, certified mechanics and front office. I have used a local oil changing business for almost 2 decades. I was told I had an oil leak to the tune if almost $1K. So I wanted a 2nd opinion. City garage showed me where the leak was coming from and it was NOT oil. Thank you!

Nathaniel Saunders
Jun 15, 2016

Jane Vincent
Jun 08, 2016

I've been going to this City Garage for years. Always great customer service, cost, and repair.

Elizabeth Coben
Jun 08, 2016

Meng Zhang
Jun 08, 2016

Very good trust worthy place

Gracie Amaya
Jun 03, 2016

Here you will find yourself at home, great customer service and fast, there was no wait for my oil change and they didn't not come back saying my car needed a thousand things, on the other hand is was told everything looks good. Other places always want some other business not just the oil change. Will definitely come back.

Sally Fallis
May 31, 2016

I wish I had discovered City Garage YEARS ago! They are the BEST! I never have to worry that something will go wrong with my car anymore. They know how to head off problems, and they do it skillfully, quickly, and without great expense. Also, they are the friendliest people ever. Even the wait is not long...but if EVERYBODY knew how excellent they are, it might be longer.....uh-oh....

May 30, 2016

Great customer service and expertise!

Al Wilkinson
May 26, 2016

They are like family. No they are family!!!!!!

Ion Colonescu
May 25, 2016

Great service, prompt and reasonable priced.

Doug Otto
May 25, 2016

Honest and friendly.

City Garage Auto Repair & Oil Change #1
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Oil Changes

All of our oil changes offer a 30-point maintenance inspection by a DFW ASE Certified Mechanic.

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All oil changes include up to five quarts of oil, an oil filter and lubrication of all available grease fittings.

Brake Repair

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All vehicles registered in the state of Texas are required to undergo an annual safety inspection.
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